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Global leader providing modern software solutions for Governments.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, Fairness, Respect, Professionalism, Sound Management, Diversity

Increasing transparency and accountability by enhancing State revenue collection and improving planning and budgeting of Government expenditures

Value Creation

Our Mission

Provide modern IT solutions to jump-start emerging market development

Improve existing software to keep it current and pertinent to market

Support implemented sites to ensure continuity of operations

Our Office

Our Team

We create a World that inspires better life. Together, we work hard, we learn nonstop from our cultural differences, we enjoy the impact we have on people’s lives around the globe, we are international citizens, and we like to explore.

Canada Headquarters

St-Charles Complex West Tower
1111 St-Charles Street West
Suite 700
Longueuil, QC, J4K 5G4
Tel: +1 450 651 2800
Fax: +1 450 651 1681


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