sti_trainning center

STI’s Inaugurates Training Center, Longueuil, Canada

In order to provide comprehensive training to our customers on our products, STI has created a professional training center staffed by Subject Matter Experts in both STI’s products and industry best practices for taxation and budgeting. The center’s main role is to train customers and partners on a variety of subjects, including SIGTAS, SIGBUD, Workflow, Business Processes Reengineering (BPR), Project Management and Database Management.

Removing team members from their daily duties and bringing them to the Training Center allows them to focus solely on the training material and the accompanied exercises, optimizing the training experience and maximizing knowledge transfer. As an example, training sessions were given from June 16th to 27th, 2014, to two national project managers of Senegal’s “Direction Générale des Impôts et des Domaines”. The main objective of the training was to strengthen the capabilities of the DGID regarding project management, system deployment and SIGTAS operations optimisation.

In addition, the training provided a view of the project as a catalyst, which facilitates the continuous improvement of the DGID’s operations. Classroom training on Project Management was given in support of the Microsoft Project Management tool.

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